Caring Intructions

BrazilRoxx Jeans -

Machine wash gentle cycle with warm water. Hang Dry. If item has no crystals, studs, leather or foil, then you can use a dryer for 15 minutes. When in doubt, wash by hand. No need for dry cleaning!

Seven Waves,

When caring for your SW, common sense is your best tool. If item looks, delicate, with lace, crystals and such, please hand wash it with cold or lukewarm water. It will last longer.

We use mostly viscose as a main fabric, and if it's a bit wrinkled after it dries, just hot steam it and it will come to life beautifully.


We use a lot of laces and crystals on our leggings, so please treat it with love. But most of our leggings are machine washable, gentle cycle and 15 minutes on dryer. And you are ready to dazzle again!