Sizing Tips


We like to say that we don’t sell just “jeans” - we are selling a sensual look. That’s why our jeans are meant to be worn at close to their maximum stretch. Sizing up is an option but the customer must be aware that she might need a belt.
The jeans are tighter when they are initially tried on, but they loosen up very quickly. Don't feel intimidated by the tight fit. They will have great flexibility. In a few hours the jeans will mold themselves to your body and will stay that way until the next time they are washed. So you might say that if someone else in your house borrows your pants, you will likely know that they did!

We use many washes on our jeans and some of them are quite stressful to the fabric. That’s why the styles don’t all fit the same. The type of embellishment applied also plays an important role in the fit.

Each pair takes many hours to be made and often travels to 3 different facilities before the final art is achieved. If you observe them closely, not a single pair is exactly the same. That’s due to the fact that each pair is handmade and no electronic embroidery is applied. In fact, there is NO computerized manufacturing of any kind at BrazilRoxx.

Brazilian embroidery has become an art taught in many sewing schools around the world and it became famous due to its dimensional work and the rayon thread used in the artwork.

Our fit creates a “bottom-lifting sensation”, so it's very important to try them on! You will be surprised at how comfortable they feel, how easily you can move around, and how much the jeans will flatter your curves. Of course, these features will improve significantly as the jeans loosen up.

• Regular length is around 33 inches
Ankle length is 29 inches - only some styles are ankle length or can be made to order
Bell Bottoms are 35-36 inches due to unfinished hem
• Sizing is available in a 0 thru 16 (Misses). Sizes 0 and 2 have a 7.5” rise. Size 4 has an 8” rise, sizes 6 thru 10 have a 9” rise, and there is a gradual rise for larger sizes. We have created a very sexy but comfortable fit.


                            BrazilRoxx Standard Sizing Chart                                                    

US       BR       EUR       AUS       WAIST       FRONT RISE       BACK RISE

0         36        30          4           24-25           7.0-7.5"          11.0-11.5"

2         38        32          6           25-26           7.5-8.0"          11.5-12.0"  

4         40        34          8           26-27           8.0-8.5"          12.0-12.5"

6         42        36          10         27-28           8.5-9.0"          12.5-13.0"

8         44        38          12         28-29           9.0-9.5"          13.0-13.5"

10       46        40          14         29-30           9.5-10.0"         13.5-14.0"

12       48        42          16         30-31           10.0-10.5"       14.0-14.5"

14       50        44          18         31-32           10.5-11.0"       14.5-15.0"

16       52        46          20         32-33           11.0-11.5"       15.0-15.5"

18       54        48          22         33-34           11.5-12.0"       15.5-16.0" 

20       56        50          24         34-35           12.0-12.5"       16.0-16.5"

Seven Waves sizing:

SW is sized from 0 thru 4, which could translate to XS to XL. Our largest size 4 should fit a person that usually wears size 12 or 14.

However, depending on a body style, some styles might run smaller or larger. When in doubt, please give us a call at 877-285-7735877-285-7735 FREE.

Our 'A' shaped body is more generous and should fit a size 16.


We use Supplex from Santa Constancia - which translates in quality and durability!
Our leggings will stay up and hold you in while maintaining its shape for years to come.
Due to extreme stretch, it will be hard to go wrong on your size and it won't let you know if you ate that cupcake, which is a double edge sword!
Just order what you would at any store and it should work. Our sizing goes to XS thru XXL.

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